Megan Thee Stallion Proved Her “Stranger Things” Fan Status in Hilarious Natalia Dyer Interview — Watch Video

Steve Harrington might be struggling in the Stranger Things romance department, but he can take heart knowing Megan Thee Stallion has his back. 

Megan made her allegiance to Steve known while appearing as cohost on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Natalia Dyer, who Stranger Things fans know as Nancy Wheeler, was among the evening’s guests, and Megan took some time to grill the star on Nancy’s love life. 

As viewers may recall, Nancy and Jonathan Byers spend much of season four in a long distance relationship. There are certainly some rough patches, and at one point, it appears that something might be happening (again) between Nancy and Steve Harrington. 

Megan, who refers to herself as the “number one” Stranger Things fan, was quick to point out Nancy’s history with Steve, saying, “At first, you liked Steve. You was into Steve. And then, you just kind of dumped him. No caution. He didn’t know what was happening. Poor Steve.” 

The performer continued, noting, “Y’all kept throwing the kids on him to babysit. He keeps saving y’all life. All he’s doing is save y’all life. He was beating everybody up. And you’re like, ‘Oh man, I’m going to Jonathan.”


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Natalia confirms she did feel bad about her character’s actions. “[Nancy] doesn’t always make the most morally right decisions all the time. But, that’s human.” 

Megan responds, saying, “She’s a hot girl.” Before Jimmy can move on to other Stranger Things matters, Megan jumps back in, noting they have yet to discuss the “juicy part.” She points to Nancy’s unexpected bits of flirting with Steve in season four. She asks, “What’s it really giving, Nancy?”

“You got to have options, I guess,” Natalia responds, which earns approval from Thee Stallion and the audience. 

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