Drape Bangs Are the Coolest Update on the Curtain Bangs Trend —Photos

We’ve all heard of curtain bangs. They were big news in the ‘70s and they’ve been headlining lately, too. But there’s a new cut that’s taking off. Drape bangs are picking up where the curtain fringe left off and it’s already a huge hit with celebrities like J. Lo, Sydney Sweeney and Squid Game’s HoYeon Jung.

So what’s the difference? Traditional curtain bangs are the shaggy effortless cut that hit just below the brow and extend out toward the cheekbone. And — as the name suggests— they frame your eyes perfectly, much like a curtain does with a window. Drape bangs follow the same idea, only they’re the longer, swishier, more glam little sister. They sit somewhere between layers and a fringe. Like IRL drapes on windows, they’re XXL and make a statement. But, unlike curtain bangs, the layers hit around chin-length and don’t meet in the middle.

The extra length adds versatility if you want the option to tie all of your hair back, and the cut works beautifully with the supermodel blowouts that have been taking off over on TikTok.

One user, @quecolour noted: “Feeling like there’s been a shift from curtain bangs to chin bangs for a ‘put-together’ finish.”

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So, if you’re growing out your curtain bangs, it looks like you’re already bang on trend. And if not, to get the cut right, ask your hair stylist for chin-length layers, that gently graduate into hair so that the whole cut looks cohesive and less staggered than with a traditional fringe. 

The beauty is it give you options. It nods to the movement of a fringe, which introduces extra texture and volume, but it pairs well with glossy styles like blow dries, or relaxed styles like top knots. And, if you want, everything can be tied back, but you equally have the choice to leave your fringe forward.

Here’s seven ways to wear drape bangs…

The modern Rachel

Rachel Green layers that aren’t overly styled but hug the jawline to frame your face

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Loose ponytail

For off-duty days, the cut can be paired with a relaxed hairstyle like a loose ponytail but the chin-length layers add cool movement and frame the face.

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