Singer Giulia Tosi describes how music influences our thoughts

If we’re feeling dreadful or elated; if we’re going for a walk or just sitting at home; if it’s a gloomy rainy day or a chilly winter night… We’ve incorporated music into every aspect of our lives. But, have you ever thought about why we are so monopolised by music? If you’re still stumped, singer Giulia Tosi can help. She knows a thing or two about how music affects our emotions.

Giulia believes that it’s us who chase the lyrics to relate them to our mood. “True, isn’t it? When we are surviving a breakup or difficult phase, we pick a song that will induce intense woe in us. When we are feeling all happy-go-lucky, we listen to mood-booster songs. Music utters the words that you wish to express,” said Giulia.

However, a big part is played by singers for songs to be so influential. Otherwise, why would Giulia Tosi’s every song touch our hearts? Upon which the singer says, “You listen to my songs because you can feel the lyrics. You might suppose that we are on the same page and thus the song takes all over your mind and heart!”

It’s been years since Giulia Tosi has been soothing our souls with her enchanting voice. Her versatility makes each of us admire her even more. Giulia’s exceedingly heart-warming voice is also the reason for her performance at various events and shows.

Though the singer hasn’t yet started with songwriting (we anticipate that she will do it soon), every song feels so genuine. Do you know why? It is because Giulia Tosi sings the song straight from her heart. The singer’s mastery of inferring the lyrics and singing them with their whole heart makes a song even more impactful.

Being a singer, who could have explained to us better than Giulia Tosi why we have such an entrenched connection with songs?

Giulia Tosi is also a law graduate and is working for her family business. Her dedication to music can be reflected in her songs. We hope she keeps entertaining us in the coming years as well.

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