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Love Island’s Davide accused of of ‘hamming up Italian accent for the girls’

Love Island heart throb Davide has been accused of ‘faking’ his Italian accent, with fans accusing him of exaggerating it to appeal to female contestants, or alleging he was asked to to “force it”

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Love Island hunk Davide set pulses racing when he entered the villa, with his sculpted physique and confident attitude, but some fans are now wondering whether the star is too good to be true, at least in one aspect.

Viewers have accused the Italian stallion, 27, of exaggerating his foreign accent, alleging he has been asked to “force” it.

One person on reddit began a discussion with: “I’m Italian and I think Davide’s accent is fake.”

They go on: “Or to the very least most certainly forced. There you go.

“I’m basing this on a very large pool of fellow Italians who live in the UK like me.

Davide and Gemma chat by the pool on Love Island



“People with an accent that strong also tend to mess up with the grammar, which is not Davide’s case.

“Some of the things he mispronounces are also not a thing. I’m not saying he has no accent at all, but he was most likely asked to force it.”

Love Island fans have had plenty of chances to sample Davide’s accent since he arrived at the end of the first episode, and decided to couple up with Gemma Owen, before choosing to be in a pair with new arrival Ekin-Su.

Davide with fellow contestant Luca, in the villa



One person on reddit pointed out that Davide has previously said that people “consider his accent his sexiest trait so he’s probably exaggerating it a little to make himself more attractive.”

The user who posted the original remark said: “I just wanted to point it out because, as an Italian, it’s frustrating when people think the super Mario accent is our default. It’s fake. We can have strong accents but not that.”

Another person said: “I wondered this too, the exaggerated vowels at the end of words is really OTT considering his English overall is near flawless.

“I’m thinking it’s probably hammed up a bit but I will offer an alternative consideration: because he speaks fluently and comfortably, I wonder if less care is taken around the actual annunciation of words.”

One viewer suggests that it’s “partially him hamming it up for the girls and partially him over-enunciating to make sure people understand him?”

Someone else joked that they hope “we get a plot twist that Davide is just David”, from “some place in England.”

One person chimed in: “I would love if it’s all fake. Imagine the reveal.”

Davide and Gemma went on a date before going their separate ways in last night’s recoupling



There was drama on last night’s Love Island when Luca, who had been coupled up with Paige from the start of the show, decided to be with Gemma instead.

During the dramatic recoupling scenes, Dami Hope and Amber Beckford remained together, whilst Andrew Le Page chose to stay with Tasha Ghouri. There was talk of Ikenna Ekwonna choosing Afia but he settled on Indiyah Polack, who he has been growing friendly with.

After Luca’s decision, Davide chose Ekin-Su, who he has been growing close to.

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