Met Gala 2022 Theme: 23 Celebrities Who Nailed It — See Photos

And just like that, the 2022 Met Gala came and went with enough shine and sparkle to last a season.

As always, some attendees nailed the theme while others missed the mark. Prior to the event, Vogue explained the “Guilded Glamour” inspiration well, dating it between 1870 to 1890. This time period “was one of unprecedented prosperity, cultural change, and industrialization, when both skyscrapers and fortunes seemingly arose overnight,” the magazine explained.

Of course, every celebrity and designer has their own interpretation of the theme, as was clearly showcased on last night’s red carpet. Some went more simplistic and muted, while others pushed the boundaries in color, sparkle, and style. Some avoided the theme at all costs, drawing more inspiration from the 1950s (we’re looking at you, Kim Kardashian).

But some nailed it, head to toe. They brought Guilded Glamour back to life in its true, over-the-top, opulent way. They were lavish, they were lux, and they were giving us life every step of the night. Here are 23 celebrities who understood and nailed the Guilded Glamour theme at the Met Gala 2022.

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