Met Gala 2022: Celebs Took the ‘Gilded Glamour’ Theme Literally—See Photos

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The Met Gala 2022 red carpet was dominated by shades of yellow and gold, sequins and beading, rhinestones and glitter. Tiaras were so plentiful, a bird’s eye view of the event might have looked like a crowd of children waiting to ride It’s A Small World. Even by celebrity standards, with their nearly unfettered access to Cartier and Harry Winston, guests were dripping with jewels. If all of the metals worn on the carpet were melted down, they would probably be enough to build a life-size model of the Statue of Liberty referenced by Blake Lively’s gilded gown

Did these celebrities—as the rusty old phrase goes—understand the assignment? Or did they merely fail to think outside the gold-leaf, jewel-encrusted box? The world is full of darkness and pain—is it such a hardship for us if multiple celebrities channel old Hollywood Glamour simultaneously? 

Cora Harrington, fashion critic and editor of the late great blog The Lingerie Addict wrote approvingly on Twitter of some of the more golden goddess-type looks. “Okay! In one of my threads a few weeks ago, I was like, “dripping in gold” is also an acceptable take on Gilded Age (because literalism!), and this is that,” she wrote, of Cardi B’s gleaming gold hourglass Versace look. “More is more is more is more.”  

Critiquing the evening’s fashion for the New York Times, Jessica Testa noted that when it comes to shades, not all gold is worth the same: “I loved Chloe Bailey’s structural sparkly gold dress by Area. (I appreciated that it was a different shade of gold, compared with all the other gold dresses—like yellow, sickly gold.)” 

And many people pointed out that, while we may break apart women’s looks, that’s because so many of them brought it, or at least made a strong attempt. Men: try again next year. 

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