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Decorator claims you should never put paint samples directly on wall to test them

A professional decorator has shared top tips for painting your home and they claim that you shouldn’t put the sample colours straight on your walls when testing them out

Woman testing paint colours on wall
A decorator has shared a ‘better’ way to test paint samples (stock photo)

It’s nice to change up your interior design every once in a while, swapping out different cushions and adding wallpaper or an accent wall here and there.

But if you’re thinking of painting any of the walls in your home, then it turns out you shouldn’t put the sample colours straight on the surface.

This is according to Maria Killam, a professional decorator.

Maria has been sharing some of her top tips and she claims there’s a much better way to work out if a colour will be right for the room, without messing up the wall.

Speaking to Taste of Home, the expert instead urged people to paint the colours they are considering onto large pieces of white card or poster board.

Don’t paint tester colours directly on the wall, urges Maria (stock photo)


Getty Images/Caiaimage)

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This card is then placed next to “anchor items” in the room, like furniture, artwork, or your headboard, to see how it looks.

Maria continued to advise DIYers to look at the colour card against objects in the room at various times throughout the day, to see how it looks in different lighting.

She explained: “This process of isolating your paint colour will be a more accurate test and will help you choose that perfect colour without painter’s remorse.”

Once you’ve chosen a colour you like, be sure to consider the finish of the paint before buying large tins of it.

If this technique helps you pick a colour for you home, you might also be interested in a hack for painting walls in just 30 seconds.

A video of a man doing just this recently went viral on TikTok. It was shared by a user named @angela_j_official and in the caption, she asked: “How on earth is this even possible?”

In the clip, the man starts by walking alongside a yellow wall, while he makes zig-zag strokes with a roller soaked in white paint.

Once he’s reached the end of the wall, he swiftly walks back while covering the remaining yellow paint entirely.

Before your kettle has boiled, the entire wall is covered in fresh paint. Wow!

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