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Cristiano Ronaldo stars as Manchester United ease past Brentford amid muted fan protests

on Monday night, kick off 8pm, and we will have all the Premier League team news on this live blog. Fans look to be getting there nice and early, perhaps not least because they are planning a protest ahead of the game. Jarringly, the club has arranged a pre-match ‘lap of honour’ for the players, which you imagine must be quite embarrassing for all concerned (this is the last home game for interim manager Ralf Rangnick). Paul Pogba, Jesse Lingard, Juan Mata and Edinson Cavani are all out of contract at the end of the season so perhaps they’ll get a send-off. A good one, hopefully.

United fans are planning a walk out on 73 minutes – or some of them are, anyway. You’d imagine that anyone making the pilgrimage from Jakarta or Guildford for the first time might want to savour the full 90 minutes inside the Theatre of Dreams. Here’s more on that story.  Manchester United fans planning boycott as part of ‘constant, relentless’ protests against Glazer ownership

Why 73 minutes, you ask? That’s one minute for each of the 17 the unpopular Americans have owned the club. Allow Mike McGrath to explain that more fully in this here story.  Manchester United risk embarrassment as fans plan Old Trafford protest before ‘lap of honour’

Oh look, Gabby Logan is on House of Games.

Looking forward, Manchester United are odds on to finish in the top four next season, at 8-11 with Coral. Hmm. Not sure I’d fancy that.

Stelling’s on as well in fact! House of Games I mean.

Returning, like a dog to its vomit, to MUFC, some of their players are excited about working with Erik ten Hag.

“I don’t think you need to see a lot to know that he’s a great manager,” Diogo Dalot told Sky Sports. “What he’s done with Ajax is something outstanding.

“He plays very attractive football, I think every fan of United is excited to have a manager like this, and we as the players are as well.

“In our heads, it’s going to be clear who the manager will be next season and that’s good, because we go for our break … knowing who to expect. Then we’ll have time in pre-season to work together, get our ideas right and start the new season.”

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