2022 Midterms: These Senate and House Races Will Determine Control of Congress

A staunch Republican, Herrell opposes abortion, supports lax gun laws, and seeks to protect the oil and gas industry.

On the left, Gabe Vasquez, a Las Cruces city councilor, is running on immigration reform, increasing voting access, developing infrastructure, and raising taxes on the wealthy. In the June 7th primary, Vasquez will face off against Dr. Darshan Patel, who was inspired to run after treating COVID-19 patients and is advocating for improving patient care and working conditions in hospitals.

Colorado’s 8th District

The Latino community will play a decisive role in Colorado’s new 8th District.

NPR reported that the district has the largest Latino population in the state, at 40%, and is a mirror of national political trends. There’s no such thing as a monolithic “Latino vote,” “Asian vote,” or “Black vote,” but Trump’s slight gains with Latinos in 2020 in some parts of the country led to heated debate about a rightward turn among Latino voters. Wasserman asks, “Is this cycle going to be more Republican?” 

Pediatrician and State House member Yadira Caraveo is in contention for the Democratic nomination, along with veteran, former union president, and Adams County Board of Commissioners member Charles Tedesco.

The Republican side also includes local politicians: There’s Senator Barbara Kirkmeyer, who pushed for her county to leave the state of Colorado and later supported an effort to turn the county into a Second Amendment sanctuary, as well as her opponent Thornton Mayor Jann Kulmann, who works in the oil and gas industry.

New York’s 11th District

New York’s newly redrawn 11th House District offers Democrats a promising opportunity by combining Staten Island, one of New York City’s conservative strongholds, with the more progressive Brooklyn neighborhoods of Sunset Park, Gowanus, and Park Slope.

Now that incumbent Republican Nicole Malliotakis has progressive constituents, her voting record — including votes against gun control, strengthening voting rights legislation, and certifying the 2020 election results — makes her vulnerable to Democratic challengers.

A top contender is former House representative Max Rose, who lost to Malliotakis in 2020. Rose is a centrist Democrat who supports universal health care but not Medicare for All, and acknowledges the threat of climate change but opposes the Green New Deal. To his left is combat veteran Brittany Ramos De Barros, who is hoping to rally a diverse coalition of voters to edge out Rose in the primary.

North Carolina’s 13th District

District 13 is North Carolina’s only swing district, and with no incumbent in the race, primaries have become crowded on both sides of the aisle.

On the right, high-profile candidates include lawyer Kelly Daughtry and Bo Hines, a former North Carolina State University football player who earned the endorsement of Rep. Madison Cawthorn, a hard-line conservative. Daughtry is running on a conservative platform of “securing the border,” and “support[ing] law enforcement.” On his website, Hines describes himself as pro-life, pro-gun, and pro-Trump.

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