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American Idol 2022 – Top 14 performing tonight after Sage, Cameron Whitcomb, Jacob Moran & more eliminated

AMERICAN Idol is back again now — with this season’s top 14 performers left standing.

Tonight’s American Idol episode comes after Sage McNeely, Cadence Baker, Katyrah Love, Elli Rowe, Jacob Moran, and Cameron Whitcomb were sent home by the judges last week.

America’s vote determined who made it into the Top 10, and the judges saved four contestants, sending home the remaining six from the Top 20.

The judges saved Allegra Miles, Jay Copeland, Mike Parker, and Tristen Gressett.

The shocking eliminations came after host Ryan Seacrest revealed Sunday night that Scarlet Ayliz, Danielle Finn, and Sir Blayke did not make it through to the Top 20.

Read our American Idol live blog for the latest news and updates…

  • Judges react to Mike

    “That was your stage,” said Katy.

    “What that performance showed me is man you’re a fighter,” said Luke. “Way to show up and show America you’re here to play.”

    “That storytelling voice you have,” said Lionel.

    To vote for Mike, text 7 to 21523.

  • Up next, Mike Parker

    “Definitely move around,” suggested Gabby. “I think what’s going to help you is keeping your eyes more open.”

    “When I get up on that stage, I’m going to open my eyes and I’m going to do my best to win America back,” said Mike.

    Mike is singing Hurricane, by Luke Combs.

  • Judges react to Ava

    “There’s no maybe about Ava,” said Lionel. “You’re stepping into your light.”

    “I think that second half really cut through it, pierced,” said Katy. “Ava, people are talking about you.”

    To vote for Ava, text 17 t0 21523.

  • Up next, Ava Maybee

    “Harry Styles can be hard to sing,” said Gabby.

    “If you have confident body language, you can fill the whole stage with just yourself,” said Gabby.

    Ava is singing Sign of the Times by Harry Styles.

  • Judges react to Allegra

    “That is why we saved you right there,” said Luke.

    “You brought us into you,” said Lionel. “We were watching you at every breath.”

    “It was great that you transitioned off the piano,” said Katy. “I really hope that America does not make the same mistake.”

    To vote for Allegra, text 15 to 21523.

  • Up next, Allegra Miles

    “As soon as I heard she was singing that song, it was a no brainer for me,” said Gabby.

    “I need to give it my all,” said Allegra. “I just hope America sees all of who I am.”

    Allegra is singing by Ocean Eyes by Billie Eillish.

  • Judges react to Lady K

    “She is a lady and I believe,” said Katy. “The glow-up is so real.”

    “Just watching you blossom and watching you … you always just really sing so, your choice are so great,” said Luke.

    “I told you from the beginning, you were born enough,” said Lionel. “That was the best performance I’ve ever seen you do.”

    To vote for Lady K, text 16 to 21523 now.

  • Up next, Lady K

    Gabby spent time working with Lady K on her confidence.

    “People want to feel that song through you,” said Gabby.

    “This is a big performance for me,” said Lady K.

    Lady K is singing I Believe, by Fantasia Barrino.

  • Judges react to Tristen

    “Never fails, bring it in, bring it home,” said Lionel. “What I love is how you followed that camera.”

    “You always bring the drama but especially tonight,” said Katy. “You just keep evolving.”

    “You battled your way through the performance,” said Luke.

    To vote for Tristen, text 3 to 21523 now.

  • Up next, Tristen Gressett

    “Tristan can be a very loud big singer,” said Gabby.

    “Gabby helped me with the ending of my song,” said Tristen. “I want to show a different side of who I am.”

    Tristen is singing by What Do You Want From Me, by Adam Lambert.

  • Judges react to Fritz

    “Fritz, you’re an artist buddy,” said Luke. “That whole performance felt like I was at your show.”

    “That is the absolute way to make us listen,” said Lionel. “You pulled us in.”

    “The most important thing for America to do is to vote right now,” said Katy.

    To vote for Fritz, text 23 to 21523 now.

  • Up next, Fritz Hager

    “I just really want Fritz to stand out,” said Gabby.

    “I’m really glad that Gabby gave me that advice.”

    Fritz is singing Let it Go by James Bay.

  • Vote now!

    You can vote for your favorite contestant now.

    Katy Perry shared how to vote for each contestant.

  • Judges react to Leah

    “First of all, great song choice,” said Katy. “You’re like so cool.”

    “The beauty of this show and why it works year after year is watching what is happening to you right now,” said Luke, who then started to tear up.

    “You’ve broken down the cowboy of life right here!” said Lionel. “We’re so proud of you.”

    To vote for Leah, text 19 to 21523 now.

  • Up next, Leah Marlene

    “She has a pretty interesting tone that I haven’t heard before,” said Gabby.

    Leah is singing Happy Together, by The Turtles.

  • Judges react to Dan

    “That’s how you do it Dan,” said Lionel. “That was your song tonight.”

    “You are sounding like a star.”

    “I think you have to really strike a line of fun and just like keeping it pro,” said Katy.

    Luke said his song choices for the last three rounds have been spot on. “Own that and don’t back yourself in any corners,” said Luke.

    To vote for Dan, text 9 to 21523 now.

  • Up next, Dan Marshall

    Dan admitted to being nervous, and Gabby said she understands why he’s nervous but hopes he can overcome it for his performance.

    Dan is singing She’s Got it All by Kenny Chesney.

  • Judges react to Christian

    “Once you got away from that microphone stand you really took it to the next level,” said Luke. “Your voice is just always so solid.”

    “You were on fire for that,” said Lionel. “What Gabby told you was the truth.”

    “It was definitely spirited,” said Katy. “I think you pick really cool songs and this was an amazing one for you.”

    To vote for Christian, text 21 to 21523 now.

  • Up next, Christian Guardino

    Gabby encouraged Christian to be more laid back and choose his moments to hit high notes.

    “Gabby really helped me focus on the lyric,” Christian said.

    Christian is singing Take Me To Church by Hozier.

  • Judges react to HunterGirl

    “You just have a heart of gold, a voice of gold, and I just want to see you win,” said Katy.

    “That was from top to bottom I believe your best moment that we’ve seen from you on American Idol,” said Luke.

    “I love the fact that you came looking the part, sounding the part,” said Lionel.

    “You look like an old pro on that stage.”

    To vote for HunterGirl, text 11 to 21523 now.

  • Up next, HunterGirl

    “I think your parents are going to be very proud,” said Gabby.

    HunterGirl is singing Babygirl by Sugarland, as a tribute to her parents.

  • Judges react to Jay

    “That was amazing,” said Lionel. “This song was the one that nailed it right on the head.”

    “I thought this was the perfect song choice for your mother,” said Katy. “I just feel like you really landed in a cool spot with this performance today.”

    To vote for Jay, text 1 to 21523 now.

  • Up first, Jay

    Gabby Barrett is starring as a guest mentor in tonight’s episode.

    “I’d be careful on that high note up there because it can easily be too much,” said Gabby.

    He is singing Just the Way You Are, by Bruno Mars.

  • Voting open

    Voting is now open, so vote early for who you want in the Top 11.

  • Tune in!

    American Idol is now airing on ABC.

    Tune in to hear the Top 14 sing it out for a spot in the Top 11.

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