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Trump rally news LIVE – Ex president Donald gushes over Melania’s honesty about his hair at Save America event in Ohio

DONALD Trump is speaking NOW at another wild rally for his fans.

The former president started out his speech by talking about his wife Melania’s honest comments about his hair.

Trump is in Delaware, Ohio, tonight for the event ahead of the state’s primary vote in May.

Trump is joined on stage by a host of guests, including Senate candidate JD Vance.

Vance has been backed by Trump, and officially received his endorsement in recent weeks.

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  • Record-setting great

    Trump said that the only thing that Democrats are good at is using law enforcement against Republicans.

  • Trump’s relationship with Russia

    “Under me, Russia took nothing.”

    “I took their pipeline.”

  • Worst five presidents

    Trump said that even the first worst presidents of America combined wouldn’t do as much damage as Joe Biden is currently doing.

    He said that Putin is a reasonable man and that this violence is “senseless.”

  • Shoutout to Mike

    Trump asked MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell to stand up, before saying he’s the “greatest buyer of ads.”

    The crowd cheered for Lindell.

  • ‘Complete and total’

    After complimenting Max’s wife Madison Miller, he said that Miller has his “complete and total endorsement.”

  • ‘My boy’

    Trump said that he was “proud” of ex-aide Max Miller.

    “He’s like my boy.”

  • ‘Natural at politics’

    While introducing Max Miller, Trump said that he is a “natural at politics,” and that he was impressed by him when they worked together in the White House.

    “He’s got a hell of a district.”

    “He’s never complained once.”

  • ‘He’s the guy’

    Trump said that Republicans have to pick Vance because he’s tough and he’s going to win.

    “He’s right. He’s the guy,” Trump said of Vance.

  • Foes and friends

    Trump said that other candidates, the New York Times, and Washington Post are all “looking to do bad things.”

    He then mentioned Tucker Carlson, Steven Miller, and Donald Trump Jr as being stand-up characters that support Vance.

    “We love Don, don’t we?”

  • ‘You get it’

    “Thank you, JD,” Trump said. “You get it.”

    He then called JD an American First warrior.

  • ‘Best president of my lifetime’

    Vance said that though it took him a while to come around to Trump, he was the best president of his lifetime.

    He added that Trump revealed the corruption in the government, before bringing the former president back to the microphone.

  • Vance takes to the stage

    With Trump behind him, Vance speaks of big tech and taking Biden down.

    He said that with him in the Senate, Republican Ohioans can “take this state back.”

  • Great buckeye

    Trump introduced JD Vance by saying that he loves Ohio and that he is “going to win.”

  • ‘Bad s**t’

    Trump said that Vance said some “bad s**t” about him, but most candidates did.

    “I have to do what I have to do,” he said.

    “We have to pick someone who can win.”

  • Covid used to cheat

    Trump said they will have to fight and win because Democrats “fight dirty.”

    He said that Biden used Covid and rigged ballots to fight dirty in the 2020 election.

  • Defunding the police will end

    “The reign of Defund the Police Democrats ends in November and, even more so, is going to end in November 2024.”

  • Growing violence

    Trump said that there’s growing violence in Ohio, recounting stories of a baby girl who was fatally shot and a man who was robbed and killed.

    He said that this pattern will change in 2024.

  • MyPillow ad

    In the corner of the live stream’s feed, a MyPillow ad with a coupon for a discount is shown.

    MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, a devoted supporter of former President Donald Trump, was in the state for a “cyber symposium” he was hosting.

    In outlandish claims, Lindell claimed Trump would be “reinstated” as president on August 13. Lindell was mocked on Twitter when his plans didn’t follow through.

  • ‘This is communism’

    Two camera lights at the venue went off, and Trump said that “this is communism.”

    He appeared to be saying that the lack of press is censoring his speech.

  • ‘You haven’t consented to that’

    Trump told the crowd that they haven’t consented to defunding the police and rising taxes among other grievances.

    He then brought up the “rigged, phony election.”

  • ‘Stay in Mexico’

    Trump said that Max Miller was there during the conversation with Mexico officials.

    He said that Mexico was “honored” to have 28,000 American soldiers on the border.

  • Trump on socialists

    Trump implied that Nancy Pelosi is a socialist and reiterated that he doesn’t like her.

    He went on to say that socialists and far-leftists are “destroying our country.”

  • Aptitude test

    Trump said that he “aced” the aptitude test and that the fake media moved from calling him stupid to calling him a dictator.

    He then said that many people in his family are geniuses.

  • Conversation with Mexico

    Trump said that he held a conversation with Mexico officials and they asked for more Mexico law enforcement along the border.

  • Bikers for Trump

    Trump gave a shoutout to bikers in the crowd, saying “thank you very much.”

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