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Orsolya Gaal dead news– David Bonola is accused of ‘telling Howard Klein “your family is next” before ‘killing his wife’

THE suspect arrested in the Orsolya Gaal murder case returned to her home to discuss their affair, according to the NYPD, before he slashed her throat and killed her.

Sources said that David Bonola, 44, did not have a premeditated plan to murder the mother of two, and killed her after their conversation didn’t go over well.

The alleged killer reportedly texted her husband, Howard Klein, threatening him: “Your whole family is next”, according to police. Klein was out of town when Gaal was killed.

Bonola is accused of slashing Gaal’s throat and then stabbing her nearly 60 times during a brutal attack in the basement of her Queens, New York, home last Saturday, before he dumped her body on the side of a nearby road.

On Thursday, Bonola was arrested and charged with murder, criminal tampering, and criminal possession of a weapon, NYPD told The Sun.

Gaal sat alone at a bar near her Forest Hills home for 40 minutes on Friday before she headed to her house and was killed there, The New York Post reported.

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  • Inside Bonola’s chilling messages to Gaal, continued

    In a comment posted on a different photo months later in July 2019, Bonola wrote: “She is the most beautiful woman.”

    Similar fawning messages are seen on Facebook posts from May 2020.

    Under a childhood photo of Gaal, Bonola wrote “Hola” with a heart emoji.

  • Inside Bonola’s chilling messages to Gaal

    David Bonola, who is charged in the brutal stabbing death of an NYC mom, gushed over her in posts on social media.

    Bonola, 44, was charged on Thursday with murder, criminal tampering, and criminal possession of a weapon in relation to the death of Orsolya Gaal, 51, who was found dead in Queens on Saturday.

    Bonola told cops he had been having an affair with Gaal on and off for the last two years.

    Posts on Gaal’s Facebook page show Bonola publicly admiring the married mother, commenting on a photo of her in Guatemala in April 2019 and writing: “Love these streets and architecture! [sic] That landscape and the Giant Volcano. , and you [heart emoji].”

  • Why was David Bonola arrested, continued

    He discarded the bag in the middle of a sidewalk less than a mile away from her home.

    The nature of Gaal’s injuries, and the fact there was no sign of forced entry inside her home, had led police to believe Gaal was murdered by someone she knew.

    NYPD sources told The US Sun, the handyman confessed to the murder during an interrogation on Wednesday night.

    He allegedly told officers he’d been having an affair with Gaal and that the pair had an argument before he brutally stabbed her nearly 60 times.

  • Why was David Bonola arrested?

    David Bonola was arrested for allegedly murdering Gaal in her $2million home in QueensNew York.

    He was taken into custody at NYPD’s 112th precinct on April 20.

    Gaal’s killer was videoed wheeling her body through the neighborhood in a black hockey bag at 4.30am.

  • Who is David Bonola?

    David Bonola, 44, was charged with murder, criminal tampering and criminal possession of a weapon on April 21, 2022, the NYPD told The Sun.

    Law enforcement officials told The Sun he worked as a handyman for Gaal and lived near her in the Richmond Hill neighborhood of Queens.

    Bonola has no prior criminal history.

  • Has Gaal’s family spoken out?

    Her family has not yet spoken publicly to address the arrest of Bonola.

    Gaal’s husband Howard Klein was out of town touring prospective colleges with their eldest son at the time of her death.

    Their youngest son, 13, was believed to be upstairs in bed when his mother was killed.

    He was temporarily detained by police after Gaal’s body was found but released a short while later.

  • Gaal in contact with several men

    Sources told ABC New York affiliate WABC that Orsolya Gaal was in contact with at least three men the night she was killed.

    One of them was David Bonola, who has been charged in her murder.

  • Suspect allegedly confessed to murder

    The handyman charged in the stabbing death of Orsolya Gaal, whose body was found inside a duffel bag over the weekend, reportedly confessed to the murder during an interrogation last night, NYPD sources told The US Sun.

    David Bonola, 44, was charged on Thursday with murder, criminal tampering, and criminal possession of a weapon in relation to the death of Gaal, 51, who was found dead in Queens on Saturday.

  • She came alone, she left alone’

    A manager at the Forest Hills Station House told The New York Post on Wednesday that Orsolya Gaal walked in at 11.24pm on Friday, had her “usual Moscow mule,” then left alone around 12.30am on Saturday.

    “She came alone, she left alone,” bar manager Gabriel Veras said.

    “Every time I’ve seen her in my tenure here she has always had a Moscow mule or two, maybe a bite to eat.”

    “I’ve never really seen her coming here with someone else or leaving with anyone else,” Veras added.

  • Gaal sat alone at bar before death

    Orsolya Gaal sat alone at a local bar for 40 minutes before she went home the night she was killed, police sources cited by the New York Post said.

    Investigators believe Gaal’s killer entered the home and killed her on the first floor, and then took her body to the basement, the sources revealed. 

  • Orsolya Gaal may have fought back

    Orsolya Gaal’s injuries suggest she fought back after being stabbed more than 50 times, according to law enforcement.

    Coroners revealed she had been stabbed more than 50 times, and police found possible defensive cuts on Gaal’s hands and inside her fingers.

    Plus, Gaal suffered injuries to her neck, torso, and left arm.

  • Where is Orsolya Gaal from?

    Orsolya Gaal lived in Forest Hills in Queens, New York at the time of her death.

    The married mother-of-two originally hailed from Hungary.

  • Killer may have been ‘spooked’

    The place where Orsolya Gaal’s remains were ultimately disposed of — in the middle of a sidewalk in a residential stretch of Forest Hills, Queens — suggests the killer may have been “spooked” by someone or something, Robert Boyce, a thirty-five-year veteran of the NYPD, told The US Sun.

    It could have been something like an early morning dog walker or the sound of an approaching car, he added.

  • Where did Gaal go to college?

    Orsolya Gaal attended the Budapest Business School College of International Management and Business, according to her Facebook profile.

  • Inside Orsolya Gaal’s Facebook page

    Orsolya Gaal’s Facebook profile shows numerous photos of her with a dog, and some with New York City in the background.

    On New Year’s Eve, Gaal posted a photo of her family with the caption: “Happy new year to all of you dear friends and family!
    Hoping 2022 will be a great one!”

  • Orsolya Gaal’s final social media post

    Just days before her tragic death, Orsolya Gaal had posted a picture of herself with a dog on Facebook.

    On the evening of January 13, the mother changed her Facebook profile picture to one of her holding a dog in front of a New York skyline.

  • Husband Howard Klein’s background

    The Twitter account of Howard Klein, Orsolya Gaal’s husband, suggests he is a lithium trader and founder of RK Equity.

    His LinkedIn shows he attended the University of Michigan, which is allegedly where he was with the 17-year-old son at the time of the incident that left his wife dead.

  • Orsolya and Howard’s kids, continued

    During the questioning, their son, Leo, reportedly told police that Gaal was headed to a show Friday night.

    But PIX11 reports that she actually met up with another man who has not been identified at this time.

  • How many kids do Orsolya and Howard have?

    It is unclear how long the couple has been married, but they share two sons.

    The couple’s youngest son, Leo, who is 13, was reportedly home the night his mother was killed and was taken away in handcuffs shortly after the body was found, according to the New York Post.

  • Who is Orsolya Gaal’s husband Howard Klein?

    Howard Klein is known as the husband of 51-year-old Orsolya Gaal, whose body was found on April 16, 2022.

    Despite being in the public eye, not much information is available on Klein as he tends to keep his personal life out of the media.

    At the time of his wife’s murder, he was reportedly in Portland with their 17-year-old son on a college visit.

  • Orsolya’s last known movements

    Orsolya Gaal’s last known movements are being pieced together as investigators try to figure out what happened to the Queens woman.

  • Gaal’s last movements, part three

    “[Gaal] was very active on social media,” Boyce said.

    “Investigators will be taking those numbers, connecting them to Facebook profiles, and triangulating them to the home to see if they were there when she was killed.”

    Boyce added that if the killer had “half-a-brain cell” they’d likely have left their phone behind before carrying out the murder.

  • Gaal’s last movements, continued

    Robert Boyce, a thirty-five-year veteran of the NYPD, told The US Sun that investigators will be using Gaal’s cellphone data to create a map of her final movements.

    They will combine the data with credit card activity and any surveillance footage captured of her in the hours before her death, he explained.

    Additionally, cellphone pings for the three people of interest in the case will also be analyzed by investigators to determine whether they were in or nearby the home at the time of her murder.

  • Gaal’s last movements

    The final movements Orsolya Gaal, who was found dead inside a blood-soaked duffel bag after being stabbed 60 times in Queens, New York, are being pieced together by cops as her killer remains at large.

    Gaal started her Friday morning in the backyard of her Forest Hills home.

    She later headed out with friends to see a show at the Lincoln Center, in Manhattan, before she was spotted sitting alone at a bar in Queens sometime around midnight.

  • Neighbor saw victim the day before

    Gaal’s next-door neighbor John Blankson told the New York Post that he saw her the day before she vanished.

    He said: “We share a common backyard with [her] dog.

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