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Updates from Melbourne as Leclerc starts on pole ahead of Verstappen & Hamilton

Coulthard on Hamilton’s future

“What’s happened with Lewis and Mercedes might be slightly de-motivating,” he said.

“I expect him to do what he has done for many years – get the feedback on his car and be the voice of it. The workload is the same whether you are winning or losing.

“What is different is the frustration because you don’t have a winning car. But I was massively impressed that he committed himself into signing a two-year contract – despite the uncertainty surrounding the new regulations.

“That told me he had a hunger and a focus. It only takes a bad run and a bit of frustration for a driver’s motivation to tail off.

“Now, he had a similar situation at McLaren when he was younger. But that was then.

“This is now when he’s older, more experienced and has seven world championships under his belt. I don’t think older sportsmen and women lose their talent.

“What I think they lose is the need. There is a certain point in your life where you need it. Lewis has had a brilliant period of success. The question is for him: ‘Am I prepared to go through the motions this season, or am I actually going to consider my future?’

“This will show to any of the doubters his absolute underlying commitment.”

Credit: Reuters

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