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Ukraine-Russia war LIVE: Putin DENIES war crimes but admits ‘significant losses’ as Nato told Donbas ‘will be like WWII’

THE battle for Donbas will resemble scenes from World War Two as Russia is feared to launch huge attack operations, Ukraine has warned.

Thousands of tanks, planes and armored vehicles will descend upon the region, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba warned on Thursday at NATO, as he called for help from allies within days.

“Either you help us now – and I’m speaking about days, not weeks – or your help will come too late, and many people will die,” he told reporters.

Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin’s spokesman admitted a “significant” loss of Russian troops – and denied Russia had committed any war crimes.

Dmitry Peskov, in his first broadcast interview with Western media, also said Russia hopes “this operation” will reach its goals “in the coming days”.

He told Sky News: “We’re living in days of fakes and lies” and verified photos and satellite images of dead civilians in the streets of Ukrainian cities were a “bold fake”.

“We deny the Russian military can have something in common with these atrocities and that dead bodies were shown on the streets of Bucha.”

He maintained the whole situation in Bucha, where photos show many murdered Ukrainian civilians, was a “well-staged insinuation,

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