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1. ‘What is this pit?’ I asked the Russians. They said: ‘This is a graveyard for you’

Tetiana Oleksiienko hid in a neighbour’s cellar when Russian troops invaded Andrivka, and it was only when hunger forced her to go above ground that she returned to her home and found soldiers digging a trench in her garden.

Western officials say Russian forces have completed their withdrawal from Kyiv, beaten back by fierce resistance. The soldiers’ hasty retreat has stopped them hiding evidence of war crimes. Read the full story.

2. Rishi Sunak’s millionaire wife is ‘non-domicile for tax purposes’

Rishi Sunak’s millionaire wife holds non-domicile status for UK tax purposes, the Treasury has confirmed.

Akshata Murthy, the daughter of the billionaire Indian businessman Narayana Murthy, held “non-dom” tax status as recently as April last year, while her husband was Chancellor of the Exchequer. Read the full story.

3. Inquiry to probe leak of Queen’s death plans

An inquiry has been launched after official correspondence about plans for when the Queen dies were leaked by the Welsh Government.

Letters and a security pamphlet marked “official sensitive”, were emailed to a member of the public. Read the full story.

4. Nasty shock for Isle of Wight motorists as electric car charging points show porn

Electric car owners have been left bewildered after public charge points on the Isle of Wight were hacked to show pornography.

Screens on devices at the council’s car parks in Ryde, Cowes and Freshwater are supposed to display the council’s own website, but some featured flashing explicit images instead. Read the full story.

5. Boris Johnson’s energy plan backs big increases in nuclear, wind and solar power

Boris Johnson will on Thursday reveal plans for 95 per cent of Britain’s electricity to come from green sources by 2030, with vast increases in nuclear, wind and solar power.

Up to four new nuclear power stations and scores of smaller “modular” reactors are set to be built to quadruple the country’s nuclear energy capacity. Read the full story.

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