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Piers Morgan calls Kim Kardashian ‘repulsively tone deaf’ over ill-timed SKIMS plug

Piers Morgan has once again lashed out at Kim Kardashian after she plugged her SKIMS shapewear during an important talk about prisoner executions

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Kim Kardashian recalls trying to stop prison execution

Furious Piers Morgan has slammed Kim Kardashian for plugging her shapewear brand during a talk about prisoner executions.

The outspoken TV presenter, 57, went in on the reality star, 41, after watching a video of her speaking about the subject on an Instagram Live – where she managed to sneakily squeeze in a plug for SKIMS in the emotional chat.

Piers branded the mum-of-four “repulsively tone deaf” as he agreed with fans saying it was not the time or place for Kim to be promoting her range, or talking about herself.

“I was working on the Brandon Bernard case and he was in fact executed,” Kim began in the clip.

“I remember crying and feeling so helpless because it was his last phone call and he was telling me, ‘Don’t cry, it’s gonna be OK’.

Piers Morgan has slammed Kim Kardashian


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“Hearing that he was worried that he’d be claustrophobic in the chair and then on his last call when he was in the execution room he said, ‘Please tell Kim I’m not claustrophobic – it’s OK’.”

The star added: “I’m like, if only someone could see my day. I’m hysterically crying calling every governor that I could possibly imagine to try to stop someone’s execution.

“And then I have to run into a SKIMS fitting and I’m fitting and I’m crying and I can’t really get my work done.

“It was just such a whirlwind of a day.”

She was branded ‘repulsively tone deaf’ by the TV presenter


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A person had shared a snippet of the video on Twitter, captioning it: “Only Kim Kardashian could make a criminal’s execution all about herself – and she even worked in a Skims promo.”

Piers, who agreed, quoted the original material, writing: “Repulsively tone deaf.”

Fans were also gobsmacked by Kim’s comment.

One shared: “We may have to have a moment of silence for interruption of her day rather than the man who died.”

A second added: “I said this when I saw it on IG. She strategically sneaked in an ad for skims. Genius I must say tho. Smh.”

Another wrote: “Glad I’ve never seen her on TV, she sums up a lot of what’s wrong in the world today.”

Kim enlisted the help of supermodels for her latest campaign



Meanwhile, others backed Kim’s corner.

One added: “Honestly, at least she’s doing something with these cases. most people can’t even sign a petition online. and not everyone is guilty. historical data has shown that.”

Another said: “What a terribly sexist & misogynistic thing to say about @KimKardashian. She’s used her time, celebrity & to fight for Justice where none prevailed. What activism are YOU involved in? You criticize celebs who are apathetic, as well as those who are benevolent #JackPosobiec.”

Kim has been caught up in a lot of controversy recently, as she sparked fury with a recent Variety interview.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star suggested that women don’t want “to work these days” as she hit out at those she felt were not doing enough to make a success of their lives.

She has been under fire recently



But she has since addressed the backlash in an interview for ABC News with Robin Roberts, who asked what she had meant and what she wanted to say about it now.

Kim responded to the broadcaster: “Well that statement that I said was without questions and conversation around it. It became a soundbite really with no context.

“It wasn’t a blanket statement towards women or to feel like I don’t respect the work or think that they don’t work hard. I know that they do. It was taken out of context.”

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