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BBC Breakfast’s weather report derailed by rogue gardener

Carol Kirkwood’s weather report was rudely interrupted by a rogue gardener on BBC Breakfast this morning – and Dan Walker didn’t hold back.

Appearing at the stunning gardens of St James’ Park in London on Tuesday morning, Carol‘s weather segment soon took a disastrous turn.

Despite her best efforts to tell viewers all about what conditions they can expect from the day, Carol’s live report became distorted and the audio became unclear.

Show hosts Dan and Sally Nugent quickly spotted the technical gaffe as Dan could be heard discussing it in the background of the studio.

Carol, however, managed to make it to the end of her report despite the interruptions.

The hosts had also noticed a loud lawnmower running in the background of Carol’s broadcast – and they were quick to comment on it.

At first, they thought it was a leafblower, but when Carol told them it was somebody cutting the grass, Dan jokingly told them to stop interrupting their show.

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