Serena Williams Just Went Full Barbie Mode on the Red Carpet in a Pink Minidress—See Pics

If you’re interested in Williams’s dress for yourself, just know that it was created with a more budget-friendly price tag in mind. “I’m Serena Williams, and I don’t want to pay $1,000 or $3,000 for an outfit—I can, and I’m not going to,” she told Glamour about her fashion line and the desire to keep it at a realistic price point. “There are so few people who have access to buy whatever they want, however they want. I want them to be able to buy these clothes.”

Williams hasn’t been on the tennis court much lately, but she has been making the press rounds to promote the Oscar-nominated movie King Richard, about the Williams sisters’ father, which she and Venus produced. When the movie received nominations in six categories, Williams wrote on Instagram, “Our film is really nominated for an OSCAR!!!!!!! This is CRAZY!!!!!!! From Compton to Wimbledon to Academy awards. Everyone can dream. And your dream can come true. Ok I am definitely crying this morning. Congrats to the entire film and crew.”

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