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‘My friend says I ruined her wedding – I didn’t know she was getting married’

A woman has been left baffled after her friend invited her to a ‘special event’ without specifying it was her wedding – and then accused her of ‘ruining’ the day

A bride looking angry on her wedding day
The bride was furious at her friend (stock photo)

When your best friend invites you and your partner on a holiday, you don’t really expect them to suddenly spring a destination wedding on you without any prior warning, do you?

For one woman on Reddit, that’s exactly what happened – and the plan backfired horribly.

The woman, from the US, explained her friend invited her and her husband to South Padre Island in Texas and told her specifically to bring one of her black dresses for a ” special event ” that would be taking place during the trip.

When the woman was packing, she realised she didn’t fit into the black dress anymore so packed a white one instead, thinking the substitute would be “close enough” to the one her friend suggested.

They both wore white to the wedding (stock photo)


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But when the day of the event arrived, her friend told her it was actually her wedding day – and was furious that she’d decided to wear white.

In her post, the woman said: “My best friend invited my husband and me to go on vacation with them at South Padre Island. She told me to bring the dress I wore to my last anniversary dinner for the special dinner/event she planned during the vacation. I said sure.

“I also recently gave birth, and that dress is elegant black lace over a nude dress that is very classy but also form-fitting. When I tried it on when packing, I realised it wasn’t as flattering and my boobs had a hard time fitting. So instead, I packed a cute semi-formal white lace dress instead. I figured it was close enough.

“I arrived at the event and found out it was a surprise wedding on the beach where she only invited like 20 guests. She hadn’t told me it was her wedding because of an inside joke, where I kept telling her and her partner to get married and said they’d just elope and next thing we know they are married.”

The woman said she was “horrified” when she realised the mistake she had made, and things went from bad to worse when she was then told she was supposed to act as the maid of honour at the ceremony.

She tried to tell her friend to get someone else to fill the role but she refused – and instead accused her of “ruining” the wedding.

The woman added: “She was horrified, and so was I. I didn’t bring any other dress, plus there was no time to change/buy a new dress. Also, surprise! I’m the maid of honour. I offered to either not be the maid of honour, or leave the wedding, but she rathered me not.

“Later she blamed me for ruining her wedding because I didn’t follow her instructions to wear a specific dress and didn’t tell her about changing my mind. I said I’m sorry her wedding was ruined but it wasn’t my fault and she should have told me it was her wedding, and at the time of packing, I didn’t find it appropriate to get her approval on my outfit.”

Commenters on the Reddit post admitted they were initially planning to tell the poster she was in the wrong, but after discovering that she didn’t even know there’d be a wedding.

One person said: “You didn’t know. It was close to the same style, I don’t see how you could have known not to wear white simply because someone asked you to wear a dress they liked on you before.”

While another added: “You aren’t a mind reader so how could you know it was going to be a wedding. An apology would be nice. Just to repair the friendship.”

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