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Susanna Reid reassures GMB viewers as journalist’s Ukraine report cut amid safety talk

Good Morning Britain’s Susanna Reid reassured viewers that ITV journalist Rohit Kachroo was ok as the line to him from Kyiv, Ukraine cut halfway through a discussion about his safety

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GMB: Susanna Reid reassures viewers about journalist’s safety

Susanna Reid reassured viewers an ITV journalist was OK after his chat about safety in Ukraine was cut short on Good Morning Britain.

Rohit Kachroo, ITV ‘s Global Security Editor, was reporting live from Kyiv in Ukraine on the ITV breakfast show today, when presenter Adil Ray quizzed him on how he felt about his own safety in the war-torn city.

As the journalist explained that he felt luckier than most as he had protective equipment, the line was cut by technical difficulties with him disappearing from screen, leaving viewers tuning in worried about his safety with everything that was going on.

Rohit was reporting live from Ukraine



Susanna and Adil quickly tried to get back in contact with Rohit as they didn’t want to pause the chat there, especially as Rohit was just discussing the safety of himself and other journalists reporting from the area.

As they got back in contact, Rohit explained he felt safe because he had protective equipment on including a helmet and a special vest, whilst many of the people still left in the capital didn’t have any sort of protection.

Explaining how he felt so “lucky” to be supplied with the protective gear, the picture cut again with Rohit’s name moving around on the screen before that disappeared too.

Susanna and Adil assured viewers that Rohit was OK after the line cut



The pair reassured viewers that Rohit was OK, and as they returned to the screens later, Susanna told those tuning into the show: “Just to reassure our viewers, Rohit is fine. It was just a technical hitch but he’s fine.”

Rohit has been one of the journalists presenting from Ukraine amid the devastating events happening there.

Last week, Romilly Weeks was updating ITV News about the current situation in Lviv as sirens were heard in the background. She bravely decided to carry on as she updated Julie Etchingham on what was going on.

Romily carried on last week as sirens were heard in the background



“But Julie, I also want to show you a bit about what is happening at this station here, because tens of thousands of people – families fleeing the fighting – are arriving here every day,” Romilly began to explain.

“There’s an air raid siren going off now – we will carry on. There are Red Cross tents, there are charity tents being set up here, there is food being supplied from soup kitchens, there’s also fires being set up because it’s so cold.”

She added: “Over there in the distance, there are the buses that are taking people to the Polish border.”

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