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China Boeing 737 plane crash latest: Rain halts search operation as cause of nosedive remains unknown

Emergency services start rescue mission after passenger plane crashes in south China

The search and rescue operation was temporarily suspended on Wednesday due to rain.

So far no survivors have been found after a plane carrying 132 people crashed in southern China, authorities said on Tuesday night.

“As of now, the rescue has yet to find survivors. The public security department has taken control of the site,” Zhu Tao, director of the Office of Aviation Safety at the Civil Aviation Authority of China, said at a news conference.

A witness described seeing the jet nosedive and hit the ground – while another heard a bang “like thunder”. It is one of the country’s worst air disasters in years.

One woman said six of her family members and friends had been on the flight. They were on the way to a funeral. “I feel very anguished,” she said.

Smoke could be seen rising from a mountainside near the city of Wuzhou, Teng county after the Boeing 737-800 dropped 30,000ft in two minutes.

China Eastern Airlines has grounded its entire Boeing 737-800 fleet and President Xi Jinping has ordered an investigation.


Kin of deceased visit crash site

Bereaved relatives of the people onboard the Boeing 737-800 aircraft visited the crash site on Wednesday amid downpour.

Among them was a retiree surnamed Zhang from Shenzhen whose nephew was on the flight. “I hope the country can thoroughly investigate this matter and find out whether it was the manufacturer’s fault or it was a maintenance problem,” Mr Zhang told Reuters.

Relatives of victims take rain covers from a car near the entrance of Lu village near the plane crash site


Alisha Rahaman Sarkar23 March 2022 06:32


China Eastern crash a rare disaster for state-run airlines

China, one of the world’s top three air travel markets, has drastically improved safety since a string of deadly crashes in the 1990s and 2000s.

The crash of a China Eastern flight comes after years free of major air disasters. The country has not reported a crash of a commercial flight with more than five fatalities since 2010.

China Eastern is one of the four major state-owned carriers in China. Founded in 1995, the airline has a fleet of 749 aircraft, including 291 from the Boeing 737 series.

Alisha Rahaman Sarkar23 March 2022 06:09


Locals provide food and water to rescue team

Several locals from Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region have volunteered to deliver tents, food and other relief supplies to the site by motorcycle to aid the rescue team looking for survivors and the aircraft’s black boxes.

On Tuesday, local villagers drove over 40 kms to bring bottled water and food to the rescue team, Global Times reported.

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Drones deployed to gather more evidence

China has deployed drones to search for more evidence in an area of nearly 680,000 square metres around the site of the plane crash.

“The drones’ thermal imaging function will help locate the black boxes,” Zhang Xueliang, one of the rescuers, was quoted by state broadcaster CCTV as saying.

Alisha Rahaman Sarkar23 March 2022 05:14


Search for black boxes continue

Rescuers are still making an all-out effort to retrieve the black boxes of the passenger plane that crashed in China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous region on Monday afternoon, an official said on Tuesday night.

The severe damage to the plane has made the investigation difficult, said Zhu Tao, head of the Civil Aviation Administration of China safety office.

He added that the investigation team is carrying out a probe in “accordance with the procedures, with rescuers exploring the crash site and going all out to search the black boxes”.

Alisha Rahaman Sarkar23 March 2022 04:24


Rain halts rescue operation

Rescue operations were temporarily stopped due to rain on Wednesday. According to local media, so far no survivors have been found and the cause of the crash remains unclear.

Rain water was filling the depression in the soft soil caused by the impact of the crash, and there were risks of landslides that could endanger rescue workers scouring the difficult, heavily forested terrain, state television reported.

China Eastern Airlines says it has reached out to the families of all 123 passengers who were onboard when the aircraft crashed on Monday.

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China launches safety overhaul of civil aviation

China’s civil aviation regulator on Tuesday directed immediate launch of a two-week-long safety overhaul of the civil aviation sector following the plane crash that killed 132 people onboard.

The safety overhaul covers all regional air-traffic management bureaus, companies involved in civil aviation transport and general aviation, relevant service providers, airport operators, flight training organizations, among others.

Alisha Rahaman Sarkar23 March 2022 03:33


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Latest pictures from the search

The search continues in the hills of Guangxi.

No survivors have been found of the 132 onboard the Boeing 737-800 that crashed yesterday.

Rescue teams are hoping to find the plane’s black box, which could help experts determine the cause of the crash.

In this photo released by Xinhua News Agency, rescuers conduct search operations at the site of a plane crash in Tengxian County in southern China’s Guangxi region on Tuesday


Debris from the crashed plane can be seen in this photo released by Xinhua News Agency on Tuesday


In this photo released by Xinhua News Agency, rescuers conduct search operations at the site of a plane crash in Tengxian County in southern China’s Guangxi region on Tuesday


In this photo released by Xinhua News Agency, rescuers conduct search operations at the site of a plane crash in Tengxian County in southern China’s Guangxi region on Tuesday


Liam James22 March 2022 18:35


CCTV appears to show plane nosedive

Sky News and CNN have been showing this footage that appears to show the China Eastern plane nosediving before crashing yesterday.

The footage was captured by a nearby CCTV camera, reports say.

Liam James22 March 2022 17:40

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