Amanda Bynes’ 9-Year-Old Conservatorship Is Over

Update (March 22, 2022):

A judge has officially ended actor Amanda Bynes’ conservatorship, reports Buzzfeed News.

“The conservatorship is no longer needed or required, and therefore the petition for termination is granted,” Ventura County Judge Roger Lund stated during a hearing on Tuesday. According to CNN, Amanda was not present in the courtroom when Judge Lund made the ruling. 

Amanda, who is 35 years old, filed a request to terminate her nine-year conservatorship last month. The conservatorship was put in place in 2013, and appointed Amanda’s mother, Lynn Bynes, as her conservator. Amanda’s termination request was supported by both of her parents.

“Congratulations to Miss Bynes, and good luck,” Judge Lund reportedly said at the end of the hearing.

In an official statement shared with People via her attorney David A. Esquibias, Amanda expressed gratitude for the support of her fans throughout her journey to end her conservatorship.

“Following today’s decision by the judge to terminate my conservatorship, I would like to thank my fans for their love and well wishes during this time,” Amanda told People. “I would also like to thank my lawyer and my parents for their support over the last nine years. In the last several years, I have been working hard to improve my health so that I can live and work independently, and I will continue to prioritize my well-being in this next chapter. I am excited about my upcoming endeavors — including my fragrance line — and look forward to sharing more when I can.”

Update (March 10, 2022):

Amanda Bynes has returned to social media to thank fans for their support after it was reported that she had filed a request to terminate her conservatorship, with her parents’ support, earlier this month.

On March 8, Amanda shared her first post via a new Instagram account, @amanda.bynes1986. The post is a 12-second long video in which Amanda addresses fans directly, tagging a few publications in the caption. “What’s up, Instagram? Amanda Bynes here. My court date is coming up in two weeks. I want to thank you all so much for your love and support. Peace out,” the star says in the video, facing the camera directly and signing off with a peace sign.

Since the first post, Amanda has gone on to share a few more snippets of her life with fans via non-conservatorship-related posts. Comments on all her posts are limited. Though the account is notably not verified, Amanda’s attorney, Tamar Arminak, confirmed its legitimacy to Buzzfeed News.

Buzzfeed News also notes that this is the second time Amanda has directly addressed her legal arrangement on social media. “Today, I want to talk about a controversial topic: my conservatorship case,” she said in a video post from her old Instagram account in 2020. “I have been going to a treatment center that charges $5,200 a month. There’s no reason why I shouldn’t go to a therapist who takes my insurance for $5,000 less a month. This is why I’ve asked to see the judge next week regarding this conservatorship issue. Thank you so much guys for hearing me out. I’m sorry that this is what I’m dealing with, and I’m sorry that I put my problems onto the internet, but this is what life has come to. So, thank you guys so much for always supporting me. Love you all. Peace out. I appreciate your love and support. Love you guys.”

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