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American Song Contest 2022 News- Fans demand Oklahoma K-Pop star AleXa be declared winner by Snoop Dogg & Kelly Clarkson

FANS of NBC’s new musical competition went crazy over K-Pop star AleXa, who performed in Monday’s season premiere.

American Song Contest is live NOW on NBC, and is said to be based on the famed Eurovision Song Contest.

Pop star AleXa represented Oklahoma with a performance of her original song Wonderland, featuring backup dancers and impressive choreography.

Fans of the singer took to Twitter to share their reactions to the song, some even calling it “the best performance ever.” Other fans are declaring AleXa as the clear-cut winner of the competition.

Host Kelly Clarkson was stunned by the performance, saying that it “brought the house down.”

The contest will play out over eight weeks, ahead of a finale on May 9.

Musicians from all 50 states, five surrounding territories, and Washington, DC will compete in the contest.

The participants who are already established, well-recognized performers include:

  • Macy Gray (Ohio)
  • Sisqó (Maryland)
  • Riker Lynch (Colorado)
  • Michael Bolton (Connecticut)
  • Jewel (Alaska)
  • Tenelle (American Somoa)
  • Justin Jesso (Illinois)
  • Jordan Smith (Kentucky)
  • Yam Haus (Minnesota)
  • The Crystal Method (Nevada)
  • ENISA (New York)
  • Alan Stone (Washington)
  • Judd Hoos (South Dakota)
  • AleXa (Oklahoma)

Snoop Dogg and Kelly Clarkson have been announced as the hosts.

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  • Can I stream American Song Contest?

    The competition series will also be available for streaming on a couple of different apps.

    For viewers who can’t catch the cable broadcasts of American Song Contest, they can access the show at their convenience through Hulu or Peacock.

  • Tonight’s jury selection

    The artist automatically moving on to the semifinals is Rhode Island’s Hueston, who performed the ballad Held On Too Long.

  • Jury members votes

    Each of the 56 contestants ranked their favorite song from the night, and the results are about to be revealed.

  • Brought to tears

    Snoop Dogg said that Hueston’s song “touched his heart.”

    “I almost cried,” the rapper said.

  • Rhode Island

    Artist Hueston is performing his ballad Held On Too Long as he represents Rhode Island.

    He performs in the spotlight alone as he belts the chorus to his emotional song.

  • Cowboy rapper

    Ryan Charles is representing Wyoming next with his song New Boot Goofin’.

    Before his performance, Ryan referred to himself as a “rapper from Wyoming.”

  • Vote Now

    Viewers across America can vote for their favorite performances from tonight’s episode until Wednesday morning at 7am ET.

    Voters have 10 votes they can cast for each of the 11 contestants.

    The three contestants with the highest number of votes will continue to the next round of the competition.

  • Pyrotechnics

    As Keyone Starr belts the chorus to her song Fire, pyrotechnics are going off on stage.

    The flames add a visual extravagance to the energetic performance.

  • Mississippi’s Starr

    Keyone Starr is up next, representing Mississippi with a song called Fire.

  • State trivia

    In between performances, the hosts are asking competitors trivia about their home states.

    Most recently, Kelly Clarkson asked Iowa’s Alisabeth Von Presley and Wyoming’s Ryan Charles what the name “Mississippi” means.

  • Feel Your Love

    Wisconsin’s Jake’O performed a rock song called Feel Your Love, where he fell to the floor in his grey suit during a guitar solo.

  • Wisconsin up next

    The cheesy state is up next, represented by Wisconsinite Jake’O, who described his sound as “Nuvo” retro.

    Snoop Dogg described the song as retro and futuristic.

  • Goof off

    Hosts Kelly Clarkson and Snoop Dogg goof off in between performances.

    After Alisabeth Von Presley’s performance, Kelly talked about how she loved the Keytar solo and then asked Snoop Dogg to do a high kick.

    The chemistry between the hosts is cracking the live audience up, starting the season off on a great foot.

  • Iowa’s Alisabeth Von Presley

    The pink-haired musician is taking to the stage to perform her song Wonder, representing the great state of Iowa.

  • Michael Bolton performs

    Famous singer Michael Bolton is representing his home state of Connecticut with an original song called Beautiful World.

  • Things get Loko

    Christian Pagán represents Puerto Rico with his song Loko.

    The star talked about how 2017’s Hurricane Maria impacted his life and led him to pursue his music career.

  • Indiana

    UG Skywalkin’ is performing his rap song Love in My City now with a group of background dancers and graphics of blazing fire behind him.

  • In the spotlight

    Kelsey Lamb is singing a sweet love song in the spotlight alone on a bed of yellow flowers.

    She said that the country song is inspired by her husband.

  • Arkansas’s turn

    Country singer Kelsey Lamb is up next, representing Arkansas.

    She will be singing a love song called Never Like This.

  • Wonderland

    AleXa’s performance of Wonderland featured background dancers bathed in red and pink lights.

    The pop song had the crowd up and dancing.

  • Oklahoma up next

    Oklahoma’s representative AleXa is up next.

    AleXa is a K-pop star born and raised in Tulsa, but she is currently working in South Korea.

    The song she’s performing is called Wonderland.

  • Yam Haus fans

    Yam Haus’s family, friends, and fans were seen having a watch party for the show from St. Paul, Minnesota.

  • Vote now

    Viewers can vote for their favorite songs from the episode now on the NBC app, website, or even on TikTok.

  • Ready to Go

    The first original song of the night is by a band called Yam Haus from Minnesota.

    The band consists of four young men.

    The “yam” in their name stands for “You are meaningful.”

  • The hosts’ introduction

    Kelly Clarkson and Snoop Dogg opened the episode on a cheering crowd.

    The pair talked about how excited they are about this competition, as it’s the first show that will feature original and exclusive songs from the competitors.

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