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How to look stylish at any age – what to wear in your 40s, 50s and beyond

How to dress at a certain age is the question many of us ask. Are there new trends to follow, styles we can and can’t wear as we age?

Now, we’re here to tell you that confidence is key and whatever you feel comfortable and certain in is important – it doesn’t matter if you look good but don’t feel it. However, there are a few styling tips with which we can help.

There’s no “right” way to dress – no matter your age – however, there is a way of balancing style with maturity and learning how to wear your favourite pieces in a more sophisticated manner.

From blazers to jumpsuits to different types of tailoring, you can still flirt with fashion as you get older. There are also many role models from whom to take inspiration – so it’s always worth looking to your favourite celebrities and style icons for some fashion advice.

Read on for tips on how to dress well at every age – and who could be your next wardrobe fashion muse.

How to look stylish – whatever your age

How to dress in your 40s

The secret method? Balance your masculine with and feminine styles to ensure you always looks fresh and comfortable. Think a mannish coat over a metallic satin gown for evening, where an equally dressy jacket might look fussy, or a messy updo, white trainers and a suede bag – rather than wedges and a perfect ponytail – with a floaty summer dress.

Katie Holmes is an example of a style icon who has had a fashion renaissance in recent years. Rather than a glam-over, the actress’s personal style now leans to the casual end of the scale. Appearing too polished is the quickest way to date a look, so by offsetting her outfits with a casual element or two she adds a modern touch that makes her style seem as classic as it does on-trend.

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