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American Idol 2022 LIVE- Judges praise Douglas Mills Jr after emotional audition as singer’s mom breaks down in tears

SUNDAY night’s episode of American Idol auditions ended with an emotional performance by Douglas Mills Jr.

The singer delivered a show-stopping audition and revealed to the judges that he didn’t try out for the show sooner because “people have always told me I wasn’t good enough.”

“You’re a super star,” said Katy Perry. “You froze the room, that was iconic.”

“You’re off the charts,” said Lionel Richie.

Meanwhile, former contestant Jacob Moran returned to American Idol and covered Katy’s song Rise.

Katy gave him a standing ovation after he finished singing, and the judges noted that his confidence spiked since his first audition in 2019.

“I really think you chose the right song, and you did it justice,” said Katy.

The first audition of tonight’s American Idol featured Nadia Turner’s daughter, Zaréh Isa.

Nadia Turner was a top ten contestant in season four of the show, and her daughter took her to her audition without her even knowing.

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  • Who is Jacob Moran?

    Jacob Moran is a nurse from East Lansing, Michigan.

    He auditioned for the show in 2019 and was sent through to the next round.

    However, he did not make it through Hollywood week.

    This season, he went into his audition with more confidence and covered judge Katy Perry’s song, Rise.

    He earned another golden ticket, with Katy saying he did her song justice.

  • Who is Nadia Turner?

    The former American Idol contestant competed in season four of the show, which was in 2004.

    She made it to the top eight, before being eliminated from the competition.

    She has since made guest appearances on talk shows, including The View, and Ellen Degeneres.

    Turner returned to the audition room this year to accompany her daughter, Zaréh Isa, for her audition.

  • Is American Idol on again this week?

    American Idol is on again Monday night, for the final round of auditions.

    The 20th season of American Idol premiered on February 27, 2022, at 8pm ET.

    The show regularly airs every Sunday night on ABC.

    Viewers can also stream American Idol on the ABC app or on Hulu.

  • Who is Betty Maxwell?

    Betty – full name Bacililky Andris Cantrell – Maxwell is a singer, actress, model, author, and pageant titleholder.

    After graduating from Mount de Sales Academy in Macon, Georgia; Betty went on to attend both Wesleyan College and Mercer University before entering his first pageant in 2013.

    In 2015, Betty was crowned Miss Georgia and went on to win Miss America 2016.

    Betty married her longtime boyfriend Spencer Maxwell on November 8, 2017.

    The couple now lives in Nashville, where Betty auditioned for Season 20 of American Idol and went on to the next round.

  • Group hug!

    All three judges hugged Douglas Mills Jr after his jaw-dropping audition.

  • Final auditions tomorrow night

    Tune in tomorrow night to watch the final round of auditions for this season of American Idol.

  • All three judges stand

    The 18-year-old sang Strange Fruit, and earned a standing ovation from all three judges.

    “I blanked out, passed out, woke up,” said Lionel.

    “People have always told me I wasn’t good enough,” Douglas said when he was asked why he never auditioned for the show.

    “You’re a super star,” said Katy. “You froze the room, that was iconic.”

    Luke said he took their bodies and hypnotized them. “I don’t know I’m speechless about it,” said Luke.

    “You’re off the charts,” said Lionel.

    The judges told him he is going to Hollywood and gave up to give him a hug.

    They touched him and all asked, “are you real?”

  • Up next, Douglas Mills

    When the judges asked him why he was auditioning, Douglas showed his affiliate ticket pass, which was given to him after he was heard singing in school.

    “I was about to faint honestly,” he said.

    Douglas said he was bullied because he looked different, with some calling him “gorilla.”

  • ‘A natural’

    “You have that storytelling thing, man,” said Lionel. “I like what I just heard.”

    Katy said she believes he has some “natural born talent.”

    “You’re one of the best country-sounding artists who have been through,” said Luke. The judge suggested that he let the professionals play the instruments in the next round.

    The judges all voted yes, and Dan is on his way to Hollywood.

  • From football player to singer

    After playing football for Virginia Tech, Dan Marshall realized music was his true calling.

    The singer said TikTok helped him break out of his shell.

  • Tik Tok inspiring contestants

    Several contestants have admitted that TikTok has encouraged them to sing more.

  • ‘Melody is king’

    “There it is,” said Katy. The judge warned that Elli should get a little rougher with her voice.

    She then voted yes.

    Lionel said she has a “magical substance”.

    Luke told her to test her full voice and dig in a little bit.

    The judges all voted yes and sent her to Hollywood.

  • Up next, Elli Rowe

    Elli Rowe brought in a guitar but asked to play the piano.

    The 19-year-old college student is from Nashville, Tennessee.

    She is singing Give you Blue, by Allen Stone.

  • Second shot

    Haley sang One and Only, by Adele.

    “We’re gonna give you a chance!” said Katy.

    The judges all voted yes, and sent Haley to Hollywood.

  • Judges unsure

    “I think there’s a lot there,” said Katy. “But I am worried.”

    Katy told her to sing a second song and “fight for it.”

    The show then cut to a commercial.

  • On the show pregnant

    Haley Slaton said being pregnant on the show is not an obstacle for her.

    “I’ve been singing since I was three years old,” she said.

    If she goes through, she is expected to give birth while competing on the show.

    Haley is singing The Climb by Miley Cyrus.

  • Two for two

    After getting a golden ticket in 2019, Jacob earned another in 2022.

  • Katy stands

    As soon as Jacob finished singing Katy’s song, the judge stood up and applauded him.

    “Wow,” said Katy. “When you think the final nail is in, think again.”

    “I really think you chose the right song, and you did it justice.”

    Luke said he wrote yes already. Lionel said he also wrote yes.

    The judges gave Jacob a golden ticket to Hollywood.

  • Covering Katy Perry

    Jacob is singing Rise, by Katy Perry.

    The judges appear shocked by Jacob’s audition.

  • 2019 contestant returns

    “I didn’t feel confident right there,” said Jacob Moran.

    He said he lost over 60 pounds and has since gained confidence.

    “I remember you!” said Luke Bryan.

    Katy also said she remembered him.

  • Charvonay turned away

    Charvonay auditioned next and was quickly turned away by the judges.

  • Kevin Gullage: That’s How Strong My Love Is

    The judges were impressed with Kevin’s audition.

    “That was crazy, so if you just keep continuing to do that, with that voice-” said Katy.

    “My friend, you’ve got so much flavor!” said Lionel.

    The judges sent him off to Hollywood.

  • Who can forget William Hung?

    The former contestant auditioned in 2004 for American Idol.

  • Fritz gets a golden ticket

    Katy said the chorus was very good and he has a lot of potential.

    However, she did say he needs to discover who he is as an artist.

    “I think that you deserve a shot, and it’s a yes,” said Katy.

    Luke voted no for now, but Lionel voted yes and he was given a golden ticket.

  • ‘Ready to perform on stage’

    Fritz is singing Before you go, by Lewis Capaldi.

    One Twitter fan said he is “ready to perform on stage”

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