“We made an offer” – Leeds’ Radrizzani admits bidding for another club, ‘did everything according to required process’

Leeds United owner Andrea Radrizzani has confirmed he and his associates did make a formal offer for Italian side Salernitana.

Radrizzani was heavily linked with a move for the Italian side throughout last year, with numerous reports putting the Leeds owner on the list of potential suitors.

Back in June, it was reported that he had made an offer for the club, with it later stated that he had sent an email formally putting himself into the process.

It went quiet after that point before a report in October explaining that a close collaborator for the Italian had travelled to Italy for talks, and there was a plan to re-ignite their interest.

That was followed by reports in December that they were making a fresh attempt at a bid, with it clear that Radrizzani was very keen on adding another club to his portfolio after Leeds.

Now he’s spoke out on their efforts, confirming that efforts were made to make something happen.

“My legal team has also made an offer to the trust, as well as having spoken, among others, with Marco Mezzaroma,” Salernitana News report him saying.

“We did everything according to the required process. We made an offer both before the trust and after. To do something, you need the will to sell, which clearly wasn’t there.

“The trust received an offer, we had no response, then the deadline passed, and the championship began.

“At Salernitana, we actually made an offer to which we never received a reply. I think it’s proper, ethical and professional that if a party sends you an offer, you should respond, at least an email rejecting the proposal.

“This is the kind of investment we are looking for, so perhaps fate has spoken. Now we have other things to look at and bet on. We are focused on Leeds, on which there is a lot of opportunity for growth.”

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