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Mum-to-be slams trolls who say small bump looks like she ‘ate too much pizza’

Laura Pyne has faced criticism from trolls who think her baby bump is too small but she has hit back – as she knows her pregnant body is ‘beautiful no matter what’

Laura Pyne from her TikTok video about her baby bump
Laura Pyne has hit back at critics of her small baby bump

We should all know that everyone’s body is different, and the same goes for those going through pregnancy – not everyone’s bump will look the same at every stage of the journey, and that’s perfectly okay.

But one mum on TikTok has been facing negativity as she shares her pregnancy journey online, as some people seem to think her bump is too small, and that it looks as though she just “ate too much pizza “.

Laura Pyne, who posts under the username @pnwlaura, is 14 weeks pregnant with her first baby who was conceived via IVF, and has said that while her bump might be smaller than other mum’s, her body is still “beautiful”.

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When asked for a “bumpdate”, Laura explained in a video: “Me, being sad about my bump, comparing it to other women’s, feeling like I just look like I ate too much pizza instead of having a cute round bump.

“But then realising that my body is growing a whole human after IVF and it is beautiful no matter what!”

Laura is due to give birth to her baby in August, and in a recent gender reveal video, she and her partner confirmed they are expecting a baby girl.

The mum-to-be says critics have told her she looks like she ‘ate too much pizza’



But Laura knows her body and her bump are ‘beautiful no matter what’



And on her baby bump video – which has gone viral with more than 108,000 views – commenters have been quick to reassure the mum-to-be that her body is definitely “beautiful”, as they pointed out that 14 weeks is still early in the pregnancy and she has plenty of time for her bump to grow.

One person said: “14 weeks is still very early, especially if it’s your first. I didn’t show until 20 weeks and still just looked puffy.”

While another added: “This was literally me until month six. And I still get the ‘Oh my god you’re so small for six months’ comments. But yes, beautiful no matter what!”

And a third wrote: “I didn’t have a bump until I was 24/25 weeks! It’s so normal to have a little bump, except mine is massive now and it won’t stop growing!”

Other commenters reminded Laura that it’s a blessing for her to be pregnant – and the expectant mum said she feels “grateful” to be welcoming a baby no matter how big or small her bump is.

One commenter wrote: “I mean, you have a bump and that’s more than what lots can say. I’m so excited for you.”

To which Laura replied: “Absolutely! Every single day I am grateful for this little life in me that I never thought I would be able to have.”

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