Love Island’s Priya Golpadas opens up about her ’embarrassing’ chronic condition

Love Island star Priya Golpadas has opened up on her ’embarrassing’ condition which causes her to have a ‘chronic cough’.

The 24 year old fifth year medical student, from London, who recently shared a peek inside her I taly holiday as she teased her new boyfriend, has described how the chronic lung condition, bronchiectasis, affects her everyday life.

Priya, who runs ultra marathons and starred on the 2021 series of the hit ITV2 show, described how the condition has raised eyebrows during the pandemic because a ‘new, continuous cough’ being a symptom of coronavirus.

“When you’re in an enclosed space with anyone and you’re coughing, it can be really embarrassing,” the medic told The Sun.

Love Island star Priya Golpadas has opened up on her ’embarrassing’ condition

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She continued: “I’ve learned to explain, ‘It’s a chronic cough, it’s not Covid,’ and I’ve probably used that sentence 1,000 times!”

The former Love Islander recalled how she spent two weeks in hospital with pneumonia when she was 14 years old and was constantly suffering from chest infections and colds following the infection.

priya gopaldas
Priya runs ultra marathons

Following a CT scan after seeing a respiratory specialist, Priya was diagnosed with bronchiectasis which is a long-term condition in which the airways of the lungs become widened leading to a build-up of mucus which makes them susceptible to infection.

However Priya, who revealed that she does not take medication for the condition, told the publication: “A lot of people are surprised by that because usually you don’t think that if you’ve got a lung condition, running or doing any cardio exercise would make it better, but actually I found that it does.”

Priya has amassed an impressive following since leaving the Love Island villa, and recently discussed her newfound fame with OK!, along with how she deals with trolls and her excitement at becoming a junior doctor.

Priya has amassed an impressive following since leaving the Love Island villa

Discussing how she’s handled being in the limelight since leaving the show, Priya shared: “I’ve learnt that it’s so important to have tough skin. I knew before the show that there was going to be trolling.

“I’ve realised you’ve got to have a lot of self-confidence and self-belief because there are so many critics out there. You’ve got to be really strong, because if you have a slight insecurity and read a negative comment it can really affect you.”

Discussing how she’ll use her platform to make a positive change, Priya continued: “I want to use my medical education and all the subjects I’ve spent years learning about, including health, wellness and exercise to positively impact people’s lives. I’m grateful my platform has been able to help people.”

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