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38 Best Activewear Brands 2022

Whether you’re starting back at the gym again or carrying on with your fitness journey from last year – we have all the gear to keep you motivated, even when you don’t feel like it

From tops to trousers, shorts to sweaters – we’ve gathered together the best fitness brands to see you though 2022

January has arrived! And as we say goodbye to another year – it’s time to say hello to a potential new you! And what better place to start than with some new athleisure – which will hopefully inspire you to get back out on daily walks, running or classes at the local gym.

Whether you love to workout in a group situation, partake in a spin class, head out on a long walk or just jog around the block – we have something for everyone below – even if you just wear it to the local supermarket!

From big named brands like Gymshark and Nike – to knowing your favourite high street clothing brands now have its own fitness range too, like New Look, River Island and trusty Marks and Spencer.

And whilst the weather is still bleak, dark and cold – we’ve found some brands that are sure to keep both men and women, warm and dry when heading to or from the gym as well.

Marks and Spencer

Introducing Goodmove, Marks and Spencer’s new activewear collection.

Made for the modern mover, Goodmove has everything from sports bras with just the right support to our 24/7 trainers with ultimate-comfort Insolia and Light as Air technology.

They have an extensive range of exercise leggings and jackets, made for your workouts.

Whatever your level of fitness or activity, you’ll love Goodmove!

From £


Marks and Spencer


Gymshark are the conditioning brand.

They create the tools that help everyone become their personal best, whether it’s the clothing we sweat in, the content we find inspiration in or the community we find belonging in.

Their legacy was built in the weight room in Birmingham, UK in 2012, but these days the family stands at over 17 million people across over 180 countries, driven by our purpose to unite the entire conditioning community.

Because in a world of faster, stronger, fitter, better, we’re the first to ask, what about together?

ASOS 4505

Look as good as you feel with ASOS’s edit of women’s activewear.

Whether you’re exercising at home, working out in the gym or channelling that athleisure aesthetic, we’ve got something to suit.

Shop ASOS 4505 and give your get-fit kit some personality with on-trend workout clothes in bold prints, or enjoy a monochrome moment with HIIT’s streetwear-inspired activewear sets, complete with breathable mesh panels and handy zip pockets.

And don’t forget Nike Training, bringing techy women’s gym wear to keep you cool and comfortable on the go – we’re talking moisture-wicking tops, performance leggings, supportive sports bras and more.

So whatever you might be looking for from your new gym wear, we’ve listed the best brands and products to invest in this 2022 below.

38 Best Fitness Brands

Have you treated yourself to a new workout wardrobe? Or purchased something from one (or more) of the above brands? Let us know your favourite way to keep fit this new year in the comments section below.

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