What Your Aura Color Says About Your Love Life

In this installment of Practical Magic, Lisa Stardust explains how to understand your aura and its color in regards to your love life, and how to detect the romantic aura of others. Always remember that magic is for believers, but this column can also simply serve as a guide to getting in touch with yourself — magically or not.

Energy is contagious… especially when you’re dating. Have you ever met someone and immediately felt negativity radiating from them, or experienced love or lust at first sight? These gut feelings are more than just “vibes.” They can also indicate that you’re picking up on the other person’s aura.

The aura is the unseen energy that flows around your physical body, like an energy field. Auras can be affected by our emotions or the emotions of others, and have colors that can speak to different qualities. Every living thing has an aura, which is why it’s important to understand it.

Aura colors

Aura colors can lend a different interpretation to your emotions and your spirit. The color of your aura changes over time, and it’s possible to have more than one color in your aura. It’s best practice to check in every three months to see how your aura has grown and transformed.

Red adds passion to the way we pursue relationships, but can also represent worries.

Orange shows confidence and excitement, as well as one who takes the lead in relationships.

Yellow depicts joy, optimism, confidence, and one who honors independence in relationships.

Green means that there is transformation and growth needed in the way you partner.

Blue allows one to be intuitively aligned with another.

Indigo means that there is a need for open and honest communication at all times.

Turquoise represents someone who’s often on-and-off again in their relationships.

Purple shows that you love unconditionally, and that you long for spiritual love.

Pink depicts a person who is a giver in relationships, and is often taken for granted.

Magenta depicts a person who makes their own rules when it comes to how they love.

Silver is an abundant energy belonging to a person with a big heart and lots of love for others.

White shows an open spirit and mind, as well as someone who has a pure heart.

Brown represents an egocentric person, who puts their needs above anyone or anything else.

Black shows that one is suffering from past emotional upsets and is in need of healing.

Understanding the placement of aura colors

The placement of colors in your aura can show the different types of energy that you’re currently attracting, putting out, and transferring to others. You may not have a lot or any colors in certain areas of your aura, and that’s okay. Remember that our energies are constantly changing and flowing. In a few months, your new energy might display different aura colors and placements.

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