Stacey Solomon can’t stop laughing at Joe Swash trying to replant Christmas tree

Stacey Solomon told her fiancé Joe Swash they could replant their Christmas trees in the garden to reuse for the following year, but it prompted a hilarious row as the mum-of-four couldn’t stop laughing at the actor’s his efforts to dig holes.

“We’re out in the garden, replanting our Christmas trees, because apparently you can replant it and it’ll grow for next year,” 32 year old Loose Women panellist Stacey began with a laugh, but Joe, 39, and their son Rex, two, were taking their jobs very seriously.

“Joe’s over the moon about this information I discovered,” Stacey, who recently opened up about the daunting prospect of going back to work, giggled in her Instagram story.

Seemingly regretting their earlier conversation, the former EastEnders actor suddenly popped up from the intensive labour out of breath, as he declared: “This is never gonna work.”

“It is gonna work if you just dig a bit harder,” Stacey criticised her husband-to-be with a giggle in her voice.

Joe Swash was unimpressed Stacey Solomon was laughing at his efforts to dig holes and replant their Christmas trees
Joe Swash was unimpressed Stacey Solomon was laughing at his efforts to dig holes and replant their Christmas trees

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“Mate I’m digging,” Joe insisted, as Stacey continued her ribbing.

“That’s the worst hole I’ve ever seen,” she declared, and Joe tossed a load of mud his fiancee’s way in protest, shouting: “What are you, site manager?”

Despite the amateur dramatics, Joe quickly moved on as he became excited about the prospect of discovering buried treasure.

Having hit a hard surface, Joe tried to lean in for a closer look as Stacey laughed: “Joe thinks he’s found treasure and he’s so excited. It’s 100 per cent a rock and Peanut is really showing him up on the digging front.”

“Oh my god Peanut’s digging a better hole than you Joe,” Stacey continued to tease her beau in the clip, as he finally lost it.

Joe joked he would "bury" Stacey in a hole if she didn't stop laughing and criticising his work
Joe joked he would “bury” Stacey in a hole if she didn’t stop laughing and criticising his work

Joe Swash even thought he'd found treasure at one point
Joe Swash even thought he’d found treasure at one point

“Listen I’ll be digging you a hole in a minute, you better shut up,” the dad-of-three blasted jokily, but it made no difference to Stacey who continued in hysterics at the sight.

After a cold and windy hour in the garden, Stacey finally debuted Pickle Cottage’s mini Christmas tree farm with a laughing emoji.

With a sweet snap showing her enjoying a moment with Rex, the presenter admitted: “So… we couldn’t plan the one we cut down for the living room we could only plant the ones in pots with roots. The bigger ones are less likely to succeed but are nice for birds and animals while the season lasts.

“The baby ones my sister brought round from her Christmas decorations are more likely to grow but need loads of water and care so I’ll let you know if any survive to next year,” the star added.

Stacey dubbed the new area Pickle Cottage's mini Christmas tree farm
Stacey dubbed the new area Pickle Cottage’s mini Christmas tree farm

It comes as Stacey celebrated her little girl turning three months old on Tuesday, December 4.

While the star said she was feeling emotional about the milestone, it also reminded her that her maternity leave was coming to an end and she would be going back to work at Loose Women as well as her other projects.

Showing a close-up of her little girl in her stories, Stacey shared: “Actually so emotional at how quickly Rose is growing. I got hardly anything done to be honest because I just wanted to play with her.

“I love my job so so much but oh my gosh I’m sad that my maternity leave is almost over,” as the star added she feels so “nervous” to go back.

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