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Prince Harry ‘affected by losing military titles’ & revealed his upset in ’emotional letter’

Legal discussion sparked about meaning of ‘potential defendant’

During the hearing there was legal discussion about the meaning of “potential defendant”, with Mr Brettler telling Judge Kaplan it was “someone who was not named as a defendant but could have been”.

The lawyer added that a potential defendant would be someone Ms Giuffre, also known as Virginia Roberts, knew that she had “claims against at the time that she filed the lawsuit” in 2009 against disgraced financier Epstein, whose former girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell was convicted last week of procuring teenage girls for him.

In response the judge said “potential” was a word in which neither he nor Mr Brettler could “find any meaning at all”.

The duke’s lawyer raised a second issue, claiming there was a lack of information supporting the allegations made against the duke, which he suggested should be disclosed now and not after a request for information from the royal known as discovery.

He said: “Ms Giuffre needs to lock herself into a story now.

“Not sometime in the future after she conducts discovery and figures out where the chips may fall… she needs to allege in her complaint against Prince Andrew when he supposedly abused her – I’d like even a date, a month.”

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