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Weather forecast LIVE – Brutal 20 inches of snow to batter UK by NEXT WEEKEND as Arctic blast hits, Met Office warns

On the road…

Just because the weather is bad, doesn’t mean your life has to stop.

Halfords Motoring Director, Richard Bruce shares his advice on how to prepare vehicles for winter weather.

Richard said: “Before starting a journey, the first check should always be your petrol levels as no one wants to be left stranded in the freezing cold! If your tank is running low, make sure you know exactly where you can fill up on the way to avoid getting stuck.

“You should also make sure to check your wipers and lights for signs of wear and tear or malfunction before you set off. Any damage to them will affect the car’s performance, and hinder the safety of anyone in the car for the duration of your journey.

“Colder weather can impact battery health, so it’s always a good idea to get yours checked when the winter months roll around. Halfords’ Free Battery Health Check will inform you of your battery’s key health indicators, including its charging and ‘cranking’ capabilities, so you can leave the check with the reassurance that yours is in good working order.

“Tyres are another part of the car that can be impacted by the cold weather,  so give yours a good check to make sure they are well inflated with good tread. The minimum tread depth is 1.6mm and as well as being a safety risk  you could incur a hefty fine if they don’t meet the minimum requirements.”

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