“Players have much more power” – Former Solskjaer assistant on manager’s style, as Man United sack sinks in

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s departure from Manchester United obviously received huge coverage all over the world, and it’s been no different in Portugal.

With the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Bruno Fernandes in the Red Devils’ squad, the local media follow the club daily, and now have a few stories on the managerial situation.

It turns out that manager Nilton Terroso, who worked with Solskjaer at Cardiff City, was interviewed by Agência Lusa. And even though he mostly spoke about his own work in Zimbabwe, he talked about his experience with the Norwegian boss, claiming they share some similarities in their way of working.

“It’s the way to lead players and understand them. Nowadays, with social media, technology, business, money, football is completely different from my time,” said Nilton Terroso (via O Jogo).

“So I learned a lot from him to lead in that aspect. You can’t be as authoritarian as you used to. Nowadays, players have a lot more power.”

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Terroso added that Solskjaer has “an enormous confidence in the people who he works with”. He claims he hasn’t spoken to the manager much recently because “lately, he has more important things to lead”, but claimed he can call him “without any problem”.

As the Portuguese media now follows Manchester United’s hunt for a new manager, there’s, of course, been the coverage of the news which linked Sporting coach Ruben Amorim to the job.

The outlets from Lisbon, however, seem to know nothing about it.

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